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Old game, new possibilities

The lottery has been around for centuries now. While being originally invented in China, the lottery has outgrown itself to basically every country on the globe, that allows a reasonable form of gambling. Most countries have put the lottery under a state monopoly, meaning that only they are allowed to organize any kind of lottery games. This inflexible move has made the lottery games qute hard to access outside of a certain state, thus the number of players was limited to citizens of a certain country up until recently, until the apparition of online lotto tickets.

Thanks to the global opening policies of lawmakers and the possibilities that the Internet has brought forth, the lottery has seen a revolution in the 2000’s. A few select companies, like have come up with the idea to erase the physical borders of the classic lotteries by providing access for players all across the globe to certain, high-stake lottery games. One of the most seeked-for lotteries, the US Powerball, has seen a tremendous increase in playter numbers thanks to these websites.

Through this newly created niche, international players gained access to the US powerball and to several other lotteries as well. The new hype to play lottery online is not only favorable for the lotto operators but also for players, who are now able to play at lotteries that offer much higher stakes than the traditional lotteries organized by the respective countries, these players belonged to. Win-win for everybody...


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